Who We Are

Downloadable PDF: Athletics for All Brochure

Mission Statement

The mission of the Athletics for All Task Force is to inform and provide the tools and guidelines by which coaches, athletic directors and school administrators can include students with physical disabilities in interscholastic sports.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Athletics for All Task Force to assist in the development of a framework for implementation of inclusive practices in interscholastic athletics throughout the United States. The Task Force represents stakeholders from numerous disability sports organizations, advocacy groups, state athletic associations and other interested parties whose sole purpose is to guide, assist and support schools, school districts, state associations and national governing bodies. It is the intent of the Task Force to provide a positive, supportive and expert role in the implementation of inclusive practices within the framework of interscholastic sports. To that end, the Task Force stands ready to serve each educational entity wishing to develop inclusive practices with expertise that collectively accounts for hundreds of years of experience. It is the vision of the Athletics for All Task Force to develop policies, procedures and organizational structure by which school districts can receive guidance, support and collaborative efforts designed to assist in the implementation of inclusive practices in interscholastic sports. By doing so, the Task Force envisions an educational system that provides equal opportunity for student-athletes to derive the physical, mental and emotional benefits of interscholastic sports, enabling each to develop into healthy, well-adjusted, contributing members of their respective communities.

What We Offer
  1. Introductory sport guidelines and best practices for various adapted sports
  2. Facilitation of training for your coaches and officials by adaptive sports experts
  3. Decades of experience in disability sport training, sport adaptations and adaptive equipment
  4. Access to hundreds of community based adaptive sports organizations, resources and tools for specific sports
Athletics for All Task Force Members

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