Sitting Volleyball Glossary

Adapted Sports – To make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify. Adapted Sports are modifying a sport making them suitable for persons with disabilities to develop skills enabling fair competition

Amputee – AKA above the knee amputee, BKA below the knee amputee, AEA above the elbow amputee, BEA below the elbow amputee, digit amputee missing fingers and toes

Spina Bifida – Birth defect of the spine. May be ambulatory, may use walker, may use wheelchair

SCI – Spinal Cord Injury (Using ‘The Striker’, adapted equipment developed by Bridge II Sports, Triangle Volleyball Club and Duke University Engineering)

Cerebral Palsy – has the flexibility to sit independently , has trunk control, arm strength

Stroke – has the flexibility to sit independently , has trunk control, arm strength

Brain Injury – has the flexibility to sit independently , has trunk control, arm strength

Hearing Impaired – has limited or no hearing

Autism – appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills

Other – Diseases that affect the motor movement

Able Bodied– individuals, who can work independently, follow verbal instruction, which can manage their personal care independently and have the capacity or the ability to develop skills to handle intense competitions

Intellectual Disability – individuals who have an intellectual disability. This can include, but not limited to Down syndrome, Autism, LD.  These athletes must play independently without a buddy

Developmental Disability – Means the disability was from birth or diagnosed by 2 years old. A variety of disabilities can be developmental; this includes physical, intellectual and sensory

Incurred Disability – This is a disability that is caused by injury. The disability may also be caused by debilitating medical condition that now does not allow all the body to function as it once did.

Integrated (mainstream/inclusive): Individuals with disabilities participate in sports alongside able-bodied athletes

Modified/Unified: Sports designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities and can included individuals with physical abilities


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