Sitting Volleyball FAQ’s & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play in a wheelchair?
Technically, no, but what happens if inexperienced person comes to play? Maybe the response to the situation is come and try.

Can I get hurt?
Yes, it is possible. As with all sports, things can happen. Best practice is to follow the rules and create a safe environment for play.

Can I get contact sores or burns?
Yes, it is possible. Using preventative measures can help by wearing long pants, socks, and knee and elbow pads.

What do I play in?
Compression shorts, socks, yoga pants, t-shirts, sleeve for stump if desired.

Can I play with my prosthetic limb?
It depends, if wearing a prosthetic arm, the answer is yes. You can use it to pass, serve, and block. A prosthetic leg is very hard and has immovable parts. If an athlete or teammate falls on it, it could cause injury to them or damage the prosthetic.

What if I have never coached or played volleyball before?
Your primary role is to be a strong leader and to help strengthen and develop character; technical and tactical knowledge comes with time. Take advantage of on court learning opportunities.

What if I’ve coached standing volleyball but never sitting volleyball?
The rule differences are very minimal, if you are able to coach the standing game, you will have no trouble at all coaching sitting volleyball.

Should I still offer a sitting volleyball program if no athletes are interested?
Yes! Your school could provide a much needed competition for other schools that do have adaptive sport athletes on their sitting volleyball team. You are also helping to spread the word about adaptive sports and raise awareness. Last, remember, anyone can play sitting volleyball.



Jenna Hinton: Assistant Director, Sitting Volleyball Coordinator, Triangle Volleyball Club, North Carolina –
Ashley Thomas: Founder and Executive Director of Bridge II Sports, North Carolina –
Elliot Blake: Sitting Volleyball and Athlete Recruitment Coordinator, USA Volleyball/University of Central Oklahoma –
John Kessel: USA Volleyball
Teaching and Coaching Volleyball for the Disabled

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