Goalball Glossary

Court: The boundaries and materials comprising a goalball court. A goalball court is the size of an international volleyball court and has specific orientation markings. All court markings are tactilely marked with string or cord running underneath tape.

Eyeshades: Goggles or shades that have been completely blacked out so that the wearer has no ability to perceive light.

Goal: The goals span the entire (9m) width of a goalball court with a crossbar height of 1.25m.

Goalball: A ball (as specified by IBSA) that weighs 1.25kg, has circumference of 75cm, and contains three bells.

Infraction: A violation that results in the offending team losing possession of the ball. These can include pass out and out of bounds.

Penalty: A violation of the rules that results in one team having a shot on the opposing team’s goal while only one player is allowed to defend the court. These can include high ball, long ball, eye shade violation, illegal coaching, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. See the rulebook for a full list of penalty.


Guideline Table of Contents
Training and Equipment

Competition and Rules

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