Considerations for Schools

  • Educators should not assume that because students with disabilities have not played sports that they have no interest in doing so. They can thrive and succeed in their educational endeavors just as the students without disabilities are given the opportunity to do so
  • Students with disabilities may be unaware that they can take part in sport. In general, educators may tend to respond to requests from students and parents for athletic opportunity instead of offering it first. Educators are encouraged to be proactive in identifying and engaging this student population when considering providing equitable adapted athletic opportunities
  • There may be a lack of awareness among educators that there is a difference in sport for students with intellectual disabilities and those with physical disabilities. Special Olympics and Unified Sports serve individuals with intellectual disabilities while adapted sports serve those with physical disabilities
  • Sport, including adapted sport, can play a key role in developing a student’s independence, socialization, inclusion, teamwork, and empowerment

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