Collaborative Opportunities between schools and community based organizations

There has been significant progress in the United States integrating students with disabilities into school and community sports programs. Most of this inclusion has been in track & field, and swimming, Twenty states reported inclusion in track at some level in their school athletic program. Referencing the Dear Colleague Letter that was distributed to schools, school districts, state associations, and state education departments. There is an increased need for schools to have access to resources for the inclusion of students with disabilities into their athletic programs.

For many schools providing athletic opportunities to students with disabilities, whether it be as a mainstream athletic program or allied unified sports (please refer to Addendum A Definition), is a new experience. School administrators, athletic directors, and coaches may have concerns about budget, equipment, training, transportation, medical concerns, injuries, liability, etc. CBO’s have a long and established history of providing sports to individuals with disabilities so it makes sense to partner with schools to provide the support and resources for successful athletic programs  for students with disabilities. Each state and school district may vary as to how their students who have a disability implement equal access to extracurricular activities.

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