Boccia Training and Equipment

  • Boccia Balls: 6 red, 6 blue, 1 white (jack)
  • Measuring device
  • Timing equipment
  • Scoreboard
  • Dead ball container
  • Red/blue color indicator (similar to a table tennis paddle, so teams can see who is to play)
  • Chutes (optional)/Ramps (optional)
  • Assistive head stick (optional)
  • Mouth aids (optional)

*Assistive devices or ramps are used by student athletes who have limited throwing ability due to reduced upper extremity range of motion or limited hand function. There are several different types of assistive devices or ramps ranging from simple PVC pipe or wooden ramps to the more elaborate fiber glass.

Training Drills

Training for the sport of boccia can be as easy as just playing the game or as complex as having players practice specific game scenarios. Training for the sport of boccia can be modified for a particular student athlete based on their current fitness level. Student athletes who have not participated in any type of recent throwing activity should limit their initial training sessions until throwing endurance can be developed.

Coaches should concentrate practices on a small playing field until the concept and strategies of boccia are learned and throwing endurance has been developed. Once that has been achieved training sessions should concentrate on the student/athlete being able to cover the entire court, playing both a short and long game.

Court Dimensions

court dimensions


Guideline Table of Contents
Competition and Rules
FAQ’s & Resources

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