Boccia Competition and Rules

  • A game will consist of four “ends” for individual play and six “ends” for team play
  • In individual play, each player will have six balls. In pairs, each will have three balls, and in teams, each player will have two balls
  • The red team throws the jack (white) ball first, and then follows with the same player’s colored ball
  • The opponent throws next and continues to play until he or she puts a ball closer to the jack
  • This continues until all balls are thrown
  • After all balls are thrown, the end is scored
  • The player must remain in his or her playing box when throwing or rolling the ball
  • If the player using the ramp is playing with a sport assistant, the sport assistant may not look at the court
  • When a ball is released, the player must have at least one buttock in contact with the seat of the chair
  • If the jack ball is knocked out of the court, it is repositioned on the “Replaced Jack Cross”


  • The referee will score the end after all balls have been thrown by both sides
  • The side with the ball closest to the jack ball will score one point for each ball closer to the jack than the opponent’s closest ball
  • If two or more balls of different colors are equidistant from the jack and no other balls are closer, each side will receive one point per ball
  • At the completion of the ends, the points scored in each are added together and the side with the higher total score is the winner
  • In the event of a tie, one additional tie-breaker end is played 


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