Alpine Skiing FAQ’s & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be additional costs?
There should be no additional costs for the school system related to bringing athletes with disabilities onto the alpine ski team. All students will need to pay for the regular costs associated with being a member of the ski team. This includes but is not limited to: lift passes, transportation, coaching, equipment, etc.

Will there be additional liability?
There should be no additional liability for the school system related to bringing athletes with disabilities onto an alpine ski team. All students will fall under the regular school liability policy.

Where do I get additional coaches training and certification for adaptive alpine ski racing?
The Athletics for All Taskforce has created free training tools and information packets for alpine skiing coaches, volunteers, and administrators. There are adaptive ski programs around the country that offer trainings in adaptive skiing to high school coaches.

How will students get the specialized adaptive alpine skiing equipment needed for racing?
If the school requires all students to provide their own equipment this will apply to athletes who need adaptive alpine ski racing equipment. There are adaptive alpine skiing programs nationwide that might rent equipment to the students. Another option would be for a student to purchase the equipment from an adaptive skiing supplier.

How do athletes get medically classified to race?
If an athlete is going to alpine ski race competitively we recommend that they seek out medical classification. We recommend that a student get classified at one of the events listed through the link below. Until an athlete can get classified we recommend that the student continue to race under the basic grouping of standup, sit down, and visually impaired.




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