Adaptive Tennis

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Tennis events for students with physical disabilities can be easily integrated into existing local school level  tennis events in regular and post-season competition.
Over the past several years, more State High School Associations have incorporated events for students with physical disabilities into their regular and post-season competition schedules.

Who can participate?

Wheelchair tennis is played as an integrated sport, where individuals with disabilities play alongside individuals without disabilities. There are only a few modifications to the rules of tennis that apply to wheelchair tennis.

Anyone having some mobility in both arms can participate in the sport. There is no restriction on using a power-assisted wheelchair. Tennis is also often divided between junior and adult players, although there is no official restriction preventing mixing of ages in a tennis program.

Additional Online Resources

Contributing Authors: Michael Mercier (Head Tennis Professional, Harvard University)

Guideline Table of Contents

Competition Models
Training and Equipment
FAQs & Resources




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