Adapted Nordic Skiing

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Adapted Nordic Skiing Guidelines

Adaptive Nordic skiers in all three classes can race and train alongside their teammates without disabilities. Training sessions for sit skiers should follow the same design and concepts as standing skiers’ sessions and can usually be done side by side. A few modifications may be helpful when coaching sit skiers:

  • Make sure athletes who use wheelchairs can access the groomed trail. This may mean asking for the trail to be groomed all the way to the trailhead or creating a path wide enough for a wheelchair to get to the trail.
  • Terrain should be easy to begin with. A trail appropriate for beginner standing skiers is appropriate for most sit skiers.
  • Keep the hills they climb to a maximum of an 8-10% gradient. Start them on small hills until they gain skills and confidence.
  • Have sit skiers ski with a standing skier/coach when on steeper climbs in the case that sit skiers start to slide backwards.
  • Avoid high speed down hills with technical features and trails with side hills.
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